Democratic Republic of Congo
Information on the filing of Patents, Designs and trademarks in the D R Congo


Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as Zaire)

Patent protection is obtainable via a national filing. The DRC is a member of the International Convention, but is not a member of PCT.

The requirements for filing an application in the DRC are as follows:

(a) A Power of Attorney;
(b) An Assignment of Invention (if necessary);
(c) A copy of the specification (including claims, drawings, and abstract) in French; and
(d) A certified copy of the priority application with a sworn French translation of the first page of the priority application.

The specification can be filed in English and the French translation, power of attorney, and assignment of invention can be filed belatedly and there is no specific deadline for submitting these documents.

Our cost estimate for filing a patent application in the DRC is between about US$ 2200.00 and US$ 2500.00 (excluding translation costs, if necessary).



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