Information on the filing of Patents, Designs and trademarks in Nigeria


Patent protection is obtainable via a national filing. Nigeria is a member of the International Convention. However, even though Nigeria joined the PCT on 8 May 2005, the procedural framework for the entry and regulation of PCT national phase applications has yet to be determined.

The requirements for filing a non-PCT application in Nigeria are as follows:

(a) A Declaration and Power of Attorney - no legalization or notarization necessary;

(b) A copy of the specification (including claims, drawings, and abstract) in English; and

(c) A certified copy of the priority application and, if necessary, a certified translation into English thereof. Please note that the documents listed under item (b) are required on the day of filing. Items (a), and (c) can be late lodged subsequent to the filing date.

Our cost estimate for filing a non-PCT patent application in Nigeria is between about US$ 2000.00 and US$ 2200.00 (excluding translation charges if we are not provided with an English specification).


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