Information on the filing of Patents, Designs and trademarks in Rwanda


Patent protection in Rwanda is available via a national filing. Burundi is a member of the International Convention, but is not a member of PCT.

The requirements for filing an application in Rwanda are as follows:

a) a power of attorney - simply signed;
b) a copy of the specification (including claims, abstract and drawings) in the French language; and
c) a certified copy of the priority application with a verified translation thereof into the French language.

Document b) is required on the day of filing, document c) must be filed within 3 months, and there is no set deadline for the filing of document a).

The cost of filing a patent application in Rwanda is currently in the region of about US$ 2000.00 assuming we are provided with French versions of documents b) and c). To this must be added about US$ 30.00 for each claim over 10 and about US$ 30.00 for each priority claim.

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